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Hi, now that you have taken a look at the new site and read through some of our informative business advice, let me introduce myself, I’m Freddie Patrick. I’ve been working in promoting Irish businesses through my network of contects in the RIM industry and throughout my business life all over Ireland.

freddie picSince starting this site, I’ve seen a huge increase in the need to provide business owners with the tools that are needed to develop their business particularly in the digital arena.  Thankfully most businesses I work with now fully understand the need and benefits of taking control of their business online presence and are harnessing the power of digital channels.

So at the start of this year I decided to start this website and impart some knowledge that i have learned over the years doing business in Ireland and Dublin specifically.  I hope you find the information here informative and please do get in touch if your business needs a helping hand.  Contact me here