Overview of the Tax changes in the UK budget 2016

Against the backdrop of a global slowdown and falling oil prices, Britain’s Chancellor, George Osborne, presented his eighth budget. Revolutionary in some ways, while cautious in other dimensions, The Budget 2016, could grow up to be a watershed moment in Britain’s tax ecosystem. Here, we present some crucial decisions announced at 10 Downing Street, on […]

Why Isn’t Your Video Content Strategy Working?


When coming up the video content strategy your main goal was to see your product or service attract a bigger audience. You also wanted your website to rank higher on the SERPs as well as create a loyal following. However, days, weeks, and months have since passed and you are yet to see any significant change In fact, you have lost a percentage share of your market “pie.” So, why is your current strategy for video content not working? What are you doing wrong?


You Haven’t Defined Your Market

According to statistics, video attracts a very large number of viewers. Sites such as YouTube attract more than 1 billion viewers monthly. One possible reason that you are yet to tap into this humongous market is because you haven’t defined your market. You don’t have specific goals or audience and you end up putting out general videos and content. The only way you will enjoy success is by knowing who your market is and what your target once. For instance, a first time buyer will be more interested in videos that demonstrate several products. A long-time client desires long posts that talk about ways of improving a product.


You Don’t Have the Right Resources

Research findings show that owners of tablets spend at least one hour daily watching videos. This clearly illustrates that using video content is a viable option. However, if you lack the necessary resources then reaching out to your audience will remain a distant dream. It is important to determine the kind of resources you have and match them to your needs at hand. The goal is to effectively use what you have without blowing the budget. Sometimes is can be the most effective tactic to source a local video production company who specialise in video production in dublin and task them with creating the video for you. otherwise, focus should be placed on money, time, equipment, skill, and much more. Repurposing rather than creating new content is a better option when resources are limited.


You Lack Effective Distribution Channels

By 2017 internet consumer traffic originating from video will be more than 75%. Such statistics is what drives people to opting for using videos in SEO. However, good video content strategy is more than creating good videos and incorporating catchy titles, caption and text. It’s also about having a solid way of distributing the content. Using a third-party host may look like a worthy approach, but, the host may use methods that act as a barrier instead of promoting the content and video. Self hosting though effective requires great skills and more resources which many people lack.


It Is Not SEO-friendly

Your video may be high quality and comes with great features. However, it doesn’t bring back the much needed traffic and your website still ranks lowly. The most possible answer is that the video hasn’t been tweaked for search engines and will fail to get noticed. It is vital to use the right tags, target the right keyword/phrases, include a catchy title, and keep the content brief and to the point. You should not forget using good description and linking it to the websites or blogs. Some good tips for seo for video are found here.


The use of video content is bound to rise in the near future. It therefore makes more sense to invest in a strategy that guarantees you good results. This is best accomplished by focusing on the tips that have been listed above. In addition to ranking on the top pages on SERPs and appealing to your audience, the right video content strategy also creates brand loyalty.


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