Overview of the Tax changes in the UK budget 2016

Against the backdrop of a global slowdown and falling oil prices, Britain’s Chancellor, George Osborne, presented his eighth budget. Revolutionary in some ways, while cautious in other dimensions, The Budget 2016, could grow up to be a watershed moment in Britain’s tax ecosystem. Here, we present some crucial decisions announced at 10 Downing Street, on […]

Top Apps for business

Investing in top apps for business is becoming a priority in today’s world as businesses become more techy and online based. The growth and uptake of apps in business has been quite impressive especially in the last few years. The goal is to improve productivity, efficiency, management, marketing and other areas. Nonetheless, businesses owners, entrepreneurs, […]

Document Storage best practice

Document storage should prolong and enhance the usability of records. The records should be secure, safe, and easy to access when required. Organizations need to implement best practices to ensure all their documents are properly stored.   Use Appropriate Storage Packaging Documents should be packaged properly to protect them. The packaging will depend on their […]