How and why you should manage records securely

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It is becoming quite common to come across the term secure records management nowadays. The term will be seen over the internet, social media, and also offline. However, despite its growing popularity many people are not aware of what it is or why it is important. Some who may be familiar with the service are not be fully conversant with this form of storage. Due to lack of adequate knowledge, many people and businesses are still using unreliable methods of managing records. The following are some features of secure management of records:

Off site Document Storage

This service entails storing records in archive boxes or opens file racks. The main goal is to make sure the records are stored properly and securely. The storage system also employs a system that gives easy access to the stored records. Whole boxes as well as individual files are clearly marked with familiar description. Files are also traced or tracked using hand held terminals for data and barcodes. Besides making it easy to locate a file it also saves time and effort used to retrieve it.

Secure Destruction 

Destruction of files and documents is always a sensitive issue. There is always the risk of confidential information leaking to unauthorized people because of not shredding or destroying the records properly. In management of secure records, the firm in charge makes sure the documents are properly destroyed using effective methods such as shredding. The company also maintains a record of what was destroyed, when it was destroyed, and who destroyed the documents. This approach not only guarantees a client of safe destruction but also peace-of-mind.

Disaster Recovery 

Recovering records is always a big challenge for many firms. Businesses are always under risk of natural calamities such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and much more. Such events usually destroy the records. Statistics show that many businesses fail to reopen because there records were destroyed and they didn’t have backup. Other businesses will close down almost immediately because the records they have aren’t sufficient or adequate. Secure records management service retains backup of the documents in digital format or tapes thus facilitating quick disaster recovery.

Industry Compliance 

The law is very strict when it comes to storing and destruction of documents containing confidential information. A firm that is found to have contravened the regulation may be penalized. Safe records management ensures the stored records comply with the industry regulation. The system ensures the source, format, and location of the records is known and clearly indicated. The software also tracks down the whereabouts of the records at all times. This is done using bar-code control, retention schedules, audit trails and more.


Secure handling, storage, and destruction of records has become a hot topic nowadays. Lately, many businesses have lost valuable and sensitive information due to breach of security. Also, many customers have lost vital information because of not following or adopting the right methods. This has encouraged many businesses to seek effective record management services. There are a number of firms that offer these services. But, when searching for the appropriate secure records management service, it is crucial to engage an honest and reputable service provider.