Top Apps for business

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Investing in top apps for business is becoming a priority in today’s world as businesses become more techy and online based. The growth and uptake of apps in business has been quite impressive especially in the last few years. The goal is to improve productivity, efficiency, management, marketing and other areas. Nonetheless, businesses owners, entrepreneurs, business s leaders, managers and others need to identify the right app that adds value to a business. And to attain this, businesses consider several issues which usually fall under the following categories:


Enterprise Productivity Apps

Also known as Internal Collaboration Apps, Enterprise Productivity Apps are wholly focused on a business and give little attention to the personal aspect. The main goal is to improve the productivity in the company by streamlining different sectors such as production, project management, marketing, organization, communication and more. There are many enterprise-based apps in the market. Nonetheless, the top and most popular options consist of Salesforce, Jira, Asana, Evernote, Basecamp, Confluence, Trello, and Slack among others.


Personal Productivity Apps

For a business to succeed, the individual goals have to align with the enterprise goals. And the best away to ensure there is smooth integration and minimal friction is by investing in personal productivity apps. These applications help in monitoring, reporting, recording, note-taking, team communication and more. An employee may use the app to capture date, record it, share it, communicate with fellow employees, as well as tracking. Some of the top apps include Concur,

Expensify Evernote, and Chromecast.


Communication Apps

For a business to experience growth and remain sustainable in the short and long run, there must be good communication. This should happen across board starting from top management to the lowest ranked employees. Unfortunately, it is usually hard to maintain effective communication especially in new or very large enterprises. This is because of unclear communication channels or undefined systems. Such issues are best addressed by adopting business communication apps that allow steady flow of information, conference calls, sharing information and more. MobileDay, Talon, Google Keep, and GoToMeeting are among the top apps for business communication.


Contact Management Apps

Contact Management Apps also known as Business Social Network Apps are designed to streamline interaction and maintain good contact amongst employees as well as clients. A known fact is maintaining good contact and records is a key element in any business especially when there is big customer base. Contact management apps help a business as well as employees interact and share information more effectively as well as improve convenience. Notable apps include Sunrise, LinkedIn, BufferApp, and Hangouts.


Project Management Apps

Project management is one of the core functions in businesses, and unless it is done right, the chances of the enterprise succeeding are slim. To come up with the best strategy it is paramount to ensure smooth flow of communication, timely execution, and mentoring. A good business app is versatile and can be applied in different settings and still offer good results. Examples of top apps for managing business projects include Todoist, Casual.PM, Basecamp, and Feedcamp among others.


Wallet Apps/Mobile Payments

Making and receiving payment has greatly evolved from what it was a few years ago. Traditionally, payments were made using physical means such as checks or cash. However, this isn’t the approach anymore since businesses have become online based. This has resulted to online payments which are made possible via mobile payments or wallet apps. The best apps offer quick settlement, convenience, and security and are compatible with most systems. Some of the best mobile payment platforms or wallet apps are Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Paypal, Softcard, Venmo, Spark Pay, and Square.


Social Media Apps

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Social media is taking the business world by storm. What was thought to be a simple idea of encouraging interaction amongst individuals is proving to be a must-have for businesses. However, with so many social networking sites, it becomes a big a challenge to keep tabs on your followers or customers. Investing in social media apps makes things much easier and seamless since it allows for easy sharing of content, editing photos or images, creating type -over images, designing word art and more. Some apps to watch out for include Wordswag and Snapseed.


Gone are the days when apps were viewed as optional tools. Nowadays, many businesses are realizing the importance of relying on the apps. Nonetheless, it pays to spend some time researching on the best apps in the market before acquiring one. In addition to boosting productivity, efficiency, and profitability, top apps for business minimize stress and inconvenience.